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Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot wait to schedule with you for your next big event! To dive more into our services, we have a few requirements that we expect from you to be prepared prior to our arrival. Depending on what you rent from us, we want to make sure you have electrical outlets available and accessible for our units, an easily accessible water supply such as an outdoor hose, a deposit already made to secure our services, and a liability waiver signed and copied (we will provide a copy for your own records).

In the off chance that you are not able to meet these requirements, please let us know ahead of time prior to booking with us so that we can accommodate accordingly.

Because we care about customer service and a memorable experience with our customers, we want to make sure we get everything done right. From setting up, informing our customers on safety and precautions, to even inspecting our units before and after every use.


Water Supply

Liability Waiver



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Can I reserve for a year in advance?
A.Most definitely! We want to make sure your party is planned accordingly with us so we will assure your reservation spot for as long as you need us.
Q.How many inflatables can I rent at a time?
A.Because of our size as a company, we can only accomodate two inflatable rentals at a time. However, we are working our best towards expanding our rental units to best serve everyone.
Q.Can I rent for only a couple hours? Or do I have to rent for a whole day?
A.We do have a requirement of renting any of our units for a minimum of 6 hours, given the distance of travel, to and from delivery address.
Q.What happens if the rental has a hole?
A.We do our best to service our units before and after every delivery/drop off. However, if in case this situation happens while you are renting our units, we will make sure to reimburse you a portion of your rental agreement.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (708) 200-5683

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